The German Cockroach: The Most Common Roach Species

It’s the most difficult kind of cockroach one can get rid of. It can be found in groups in warm protected areas, close to food sources and humid areas. It’s mainly found behind the fridge, the oven or under the kitchen sink, inside cupboards, kitchen and bathroom cupboards and inside or under electrical appliances that produce heat. The German cockroach may even use electrical conductors of electric cables in order to appear in areas which may seem absolutely clean and isolated. It may come out of plugs, tiny cracks or isolated hiding places.

Its body length is about 1.50cm. Male adults live up to 120-130 days whereas female adults live up to 150-160 days. Their main difference is that males have wings which cover their stomachs but females have nothing that covers their lower parts. A female cockroach produces about 4-8 ovaries in a lifetime and it carries them on its own body until it is time to hatch for protection in contrast to other types of parasites which leave their eggs in a nest.

Another feature of this type of cockroach is that on the upper part of its body it has two elongated and parallel dark-colored lines.
Additionally, the German cockroach reproduces much faster than any other type of cockroach since it produces an average of 40 eggs per ovary and it reaches its adult stage in about 50-60 days after it hatches. Apart from that, they can survive without food for a month and without water for 10 days. Finally, it’s omnivorous and it’s mainly attracted to meat, starch, sugar, fat and to food that have undergone fermentation process. During time of food scarcity it may even feed on soap, paper or eat other cockroaches.

Its presence during daytime is a sign of an underlying serious problem and therefore the measures taken to control the condition must be thorough, consistent and frequent.

On Target guarantees a professional approach through proper methods and the use of medical products of excellent quality, compared to what is used worldwide. It is a fact that the existence of cockroaches, as proven, is a carrier of many pathogen bacteria, they can transfer viruses, protozoa and fungi that can attack and severely affect humans and other vertebrate animals.

Published: 10.04.2019