Silverfish: The Creepiest of Pests

These insects develop without being transformed. They belong to the category of immutable insects which change only in size and keep the same characteristics even after their hatching. They haven’t got wings and at the bottom of their abdominal area, there are 2-3 projections (antennas).

The perfect insects have got the shape of a fish, 10-12mm length and silver-grey color. Silverfish need moist and warm conditions in order to survive and that is the reason they are mainly found under rocks, rotten wood and ground cracks.

In houses, they are often found in bathrooms and kitchens, under carpets, on bookcases, behind picture frames and in cupboards where we store our clothes.

They feed on food leftovers and they prefer starch food. Their evolution allows them to consume cellulose which enables them to cause big damage in book collections and even damage valuable objects like art paintings.

Published: 10.10.2019