Rid Your Home of Rats


Rodents are the most populous species of mammals, with their worldwide numbers reaching 1700 species, 389 generations, and 35 family groups.

They are social animals that live in colonies where they often battle in order to pose and classify their social status. They become sexually mature at the age of 90 days and their pregnancy stage lasts between 21-23 days while the female gives birth to 6-8 descendants and experiences about 6-8 pregnancies per year.

The types of rodents in Cyprus are:

  • The largest in size known as Rattus Norvegicus, the Norwegian mouse which has a brown color and it is very destructive
  • Rattus Rattus or the roof mouse which has a black color
  • Mus Musculus is known as a domestic mouse
  • Acomus Nesiotes, the field mouse

Whatever your pest situation, the technicians at OnTarget Pest Control are there to respond to any type of situation, and to do so to your satisfaction.


Rodent Infestation Management

Identifying the presence of rodents is vital in managing an infestation.

Be on the lookout for:
  • Feces that are in a dry or liquid form show how “fresh” their presence is
  • Destructions like nibbling in wooden constructions, damages in electrical installations and holes in food packages
  • Detecting their routes where we usually find footsteps or hair in areas that they occupy.
  • Holes, nests
  • Presence of other living or dead rodents

Our Process


The crew manager will ask the potential client some questions in order to have a complete idea regarding the problem he is facing. Later, a valuation check takes place, a report stating the problems is made and other data is considered regarding potential future problems in the area.


After the evaluation procedure of the area both indoors and outdoors, the manager of the crew will be able to diagnose the exact problem or problems that exist in the area, the sort of the invader or the number of invaders and the exact way they managed to enter your area.


After diagnosing the problem, the manager of the crew will advise or suggest the proper measures that the client must consider and take in order to solve the problem effectively.

Dealing with the problem

In the final stage of the whole procedure, the manager and the professional crew of pest control take all the necessary measures and methods in order to deal with the problem effectively.

Evaluation of results

Managing harmful organisms successfully should be monitored after the completion of treatment application. This is strategies in order to control the existence of harmful organisms.