Rid Your Home of Cockroaches


The cockroach is one of the most difficult insects to get rid of. They are attracted by food containing sweeteners like sugar and honey, although they can live up to 2 to 3 months without food and 1 month without water.

Cockroaches reside in areas that seem clean, as they emerge from plugs, tiny cracks or isolated hiding places. They are usually found behind the fridge, the oven, under a sink, in the kitchen, bathroom, basements, store rooms, tree cavities and inside or under electrical appliances that produce heat. Life spans range from 120-130 days to 2 years.


The 3 types of cockroach in Cyprus are:

  • The American cockroach (Periplaneta Americana), the largest species with a body size ranging from 2.5cm to 4cm.
  • The German cockroach (Blatella Germanica), with a body length of 1.50cm.
  • The Oriental cockroach (Blatta Orientalis), with a size of 2.54 cm.


Whatever your pest situation, the technicians at OnTarget Pest Control are there to respond to any type of situation, and to do so to your satisfaction.


Cockroach Infestation Management

The following protection measures can be taken:

  • Storing food properly
  • Removing any rubbish from the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Residuary spraying mainly in drains and wells drastically reduces the numbers of population of this insect and it minimizes the possibility of them entering the house
  • Elimination of any kind of water leakage etc
  • Limiting humidity by constantly enabling fresh air to enter the house
  • Fixing building imperfections like wall cracks
  • Watertight closure of drains
  • Strict and constant check of food supplies
  • Strict cleaning measures inside and outside buildings
  • Placement of wire grid with opening points in order to avoid possible invasions from windows or doors

Our company can guarantee the use of proper ways of dealing with the species by using quality pharmaceutical products and methods used worldwide, depending on the extend of the problem in each case, either inside or outside building facilities.

Our Process


The crew manager will ask the potential client some questions in order to have a complete idea regarding the problem he is facing. Later, a valuation check takes place, a report stating the problems is made and other data is considered regarding potential future problems in the area.


After the evaluation procedure of the area both indoors and outdoors, the manager of the crew will be able to diagnose the exact problem or problems that exist in the area, the sort of the invader or the number of invaders and the exact way they managed to enter your area.


After diagnosing the problem, the manager of the crew will advise or suggest the proper measures that the client must consider and take in order to solve the problem effectively.

Dealing with the problem

In the final stage of the whole procedure, the manager and the professional crew of pest control take all the necessary measures and methods in order to deal with the problem effectively.

Evaluation of results

Managing harmful organisms successfully should be monitored after the completion of treatment application. This is strategies in order to control the existence of harmful organisms.