Moths: the Enemy of a Clean House

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An insect flies carelessly from the kitchen cupboard where you keep the flour and other supplies. There are more after that, and this is when the alarm goes off: moths. The next step will be to examine any parcels that have been left open, as well as those that have not yet been opened. Even the most laid-back people’s dreams are haunted by the possibility of a moth dynasty. The bothersome insects’ next trip is the closets and drawers with the clothes and linens, which are their second favorite part of the house. Moths adore natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and wool, which they feed on incessantly, causing all of these little holes in our favorite outfits.

Whether it’s your beloved woolen cardigan or the “attack” in the kitchen cabinet, moths are a continual menace to any household and it’s a concern until it has been treated.

What are the factors that encourage moths to emerge and spread?

Moths despise light, which is why they prefer dark drawers, boxes, and cupboards that we don’t open too often. In general, the closets we open on a daily basis are less conducive to their growth because they are ventilated more frequently.

Organic fabrics, such as wool, leather, silk, or cashmere, are a preferred meal of moths that attack our clothing. Woolen sweaters, coats, blankets, comforters, and stuffed animals are among the most endangered items as a result.

When the winter weather fades, a critical period for the parasites that infest our homes begins, as the heat causes most larvae to emerge from their cocoons in search of a new home and food in order to survive.

Do moths cause health problems?

Aside from the dislike to insects generated by their mere sight, some varieties of moths, according to health experts, can cause disease in persons with a higher predisposition. They are primarily responsible for allergies and gastrointestinal disorders that are minor in nature and thus treatable without severe problems.

How to locate moths

In your kitchen cupboards

If you locate insects in your kitchen, such as in a packet of rice or pasta, it’s likely that an infection occurred during the last 10 or 15 days, as the entire cycle from egg to adult moth takes 30 days during the summer months.

In your wardrobe

To determine whether you have moths in your closet or drawers, you must first recognize the most typical symptoms of their presence:

1. Clothing with holes

The most common first indicator of a moth infestation is a hole in your clothes. Organic fiber, such as silk, leather, wool, or cashmere, is a favorite feeding of moths, so inspect these items in your closet to ensure they are in good shape.

2. Do you notice any flying insects?

Moths are brown or off-white flying insects that look like miniature butterflies. Because they despise light, they normally blend in nicely in dark and inaccessible nooks.

3. Look for insect nests.

Closets, drawers, and other dark places where you store garments should all be properly inspected. It’s possible that a nest is hidden in one of the dark nooks. The larvae hatch from about 40 eggs (less than half a centimeter in size) laid by female moths. In fact, these are the true “criminals,” as the moths only require protein from natural fibers to thrive at this stage.

What to do after you’ve discovered the moths

If you discover a moth in your closet, you should wash your clothes at a high temperature, then hang them to dry in the sun and iron them, as high temperatures encourage insect extinction.

If you wish to save any products that have been exposed to moths in the kitchen, wash and clean them completely before eating them right away or freezing them, as this will erase any bug traces.

Prevention: the critical step toward a clean home

The larvae will rummage through your closets hunting for food, it’s best not to store (or neglect) superfluous items. If you have any open packets, you can transfer them to airtight glass jars that are not susceptible to larval attack.

However, prevention is the most crucial step in keeping pesky insects out of your closet. The 2 in 1 Food & Clothes Moth Trap, developed by OnTarget Pest Control & Cleaning Services, catches insects on its adhesive surface, helping to check for possible moth growth. The product’s ecological composition makes it safe for food, pets, and children, while its ease of use ensures quick and instant effects.

Published: 27.10.2021