Everything You Need to Know About Dust Mites / Bed Bugs

Health Hazards


Dust mites are microscopic organisms, invisible to the eye, that thrive in furry surfaces like carpets, mattresses, pillows or blankets. As they feed on dead human skin cells, on dandruff and on hair, they are always in close proximity to us. These pose many different health hazards, from poor quality of sleep and allergies to asthma, heart issues and lung failure.


We offer professional decontamination and extermination services, including the extermination of dust mites, through the use of Steamers that generate dry, super-hot steam, at temperatures in excess of 180°C that effectively eliminate harmful microorganisms, down to bacteria and viruses on any type of surface. The process is fully ecological, swift and all areas and surfaces may be used right after decontamination safely.

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What are dust mites?

Dust mites are tiny living organisms, which are impossible for someone to detect with bare eyes. In order to detect them one must use a microscope. They belong to the category of arthropod-arachnoid. The most important and most well-known species in Europe are Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus and Dermatophagoides Farina.

Development and reproduction key factors of dust mites:

Their presence, their development and their reproduction have nothing to do with how clean a house may be but it has to do with the special conditions of temperature, humidity and adequate food that exist in the environment of the house. Mites multiply mainly in autumn but in springtime as well. The signs of their existence are less in the summer due to the fact that we remove objects like blankets, carpets and we ventilate the rooms of the house more frequently.

Dust mites tend to live in objects like blankets and carpets more often during the autumn

Due to the previous facts mites develop in large numbers inside mattresses, pillows, mats, carpets, armchairs and other furry surfaces. For instance, carpets and covered furniture may contain big amounts of mites, even more than 1.000 of them in each dust gram.

On what do mites feed on and when do they reproduce?

Mites live in every house and their spreading depends on the conditions of their environment. They feed on the dead cells of the skin, on dandruff and on hair that naturally falls from the human body throughout the day and night.

A microscopic view of dust mites feeding on home objects throughout the day

How are humans affected by the presence of dust mites?

Mites are harmless, they do not bite and they do not transmit illnesses. The damage on human organisms is caused by their faeces. Their weight is very low which enables them to exist in the environment without being noticed and as a result, they can be inhaled through the human nose and reach their lungs while breathing causing an allergic reaction which can lead to medical conditions such as asthma. Additionally, when they contact a sensitive type of skin even eczema can be caused. As a result, mites are harmful to humans and especially to the category of humans who are allergic to them due to the effects they cause to them.

In addition, mites can affect the quality and clarity of our sleep. As time goes by a person may develop heart issues, lungs functioning at a lower rate and even have lower productivity at work or school.

In addition to the above, studies have shown that in the mites’ faeces they have traced the substance that causes the allergy leading to asthma. It’s about a protein being produced in the intestine of mites and it’s being used during the digestion process of dead cells of human skin.

Substances created by dust mites can cause allergic reactions to humans

Each time we sweep the floor or dust an area we instantly inhale substances produced by mites causing allergies to humans. The same thing happens during sleep time through the use of bedsheets or quilt covers that exist on our beds.

Infants, during their first year of age, are extremely sensitive to dust mites and they can become even more sensitive to them if they are exposed to at least 100 mites per dust gram through the existence of mattresses or carpets in their environment. Serious conditions may be caused when someone reaches the levels of 500 mites per dust gram.

What measures should be followed to reduce the existence of mites in the environment:

  • Humidity in the house should be between <50% or lower and this can be succeeded through a thorough ventilation process of the house and the correct use of air conditioning systems.
  • The ideal space of dust mite development in large numbers is mattresses, which is natural since humans spend a long time there during the night and even daytime as well. It is proper to wash pillows and bedsheets at a temperature higher than 60 degrees Celsius so that mites are completely destroyed.
  • We should use dry pieces of cloth when cleaning surfaces so that mites don’t spread into the atmosphere.
  • It is extremely important to remove permanent carpets or floor mats inside or outside buildings.

The method used by OnTarget for eliminating bed bugs, bugs, dust mites, bacteria and other harmful living organisms is the following:

Taking into account the large health issues which can be caused by the existence of large amounts of dust mites, bed bugs, bugs, bacteria and other living organisms in the atmosphere OnTarget applies a new, toxic free, ecological technology in your area which produces a powerful, dry, high heat steam of 180 degrees Celsius.

The specific technology has the ability to penetrate deeply and effectively into cracks and surface slots which were caused by harmful organisms. The direct results of this method are deadly for bugs, dust mites, bacteria and other living organisms. This method doesn’t cause damage to furniture and generally surfaces that were under treatment. After the application of the specific method, in order to deal with the problem, the surfaces are ready for direct use without any restriction since there is no use of chemical substances.

Published: 16.03.2020