Rat Mat: Frequently Asked Questions

In a country with ample countryside like Cyprus, rodents make an appearance in

Moths: the Enemy of a Clean House

Whether it’s your beloved woolen cardigan or the “attack” in the kitchen cabinet, moths are a continual menace to any household and it’s a concern until it has been treated.

Coronavirus Decontamination

In response to the pandemic, OnTarget employs experienced staff and utilises state-of -the-art disinfectants capable of fighting the Coronavirus.

Everything You Need to Know About Dust Mites / Bed Bugs

Although these microscopic organisms are invisible to the naked eye, they can cause big health problems for anyone whose home they invade.

Rats: The Disease Carrying Pests

The most unsanitary of pests, find out how to rid your home of rats and rodents.

Silverfish: The Creepiest of Pests

Known by many names, including fishmoth and carpet shark, these small insects can wreak havoc in your home.

Ants: The Hardworking Insects

The hardest working insect in nature is also one of the hardest to rid your home of.

The American Cockroach: The Largest Species of Roach

Find out all about the largest species of cockroach.