The American Cockroach: The Largest Species of Roach

It’s the biggest species of cockroaches. Their body size varies from 2.5cm to 4cm and their color is red-brown. Visually the difference between the two genders is based on the size of their wings since the male’s wings are longer than its body but the female’s wings barely cover its belly. Their ability to fly enables them to move to new places where they can attack.

The specific kind of cockroach is usually found in dark, warm and humid places such as dump sites, basements, store rooms, tree cavities, when at the same time they can be transferred to the kitchen or bathroom through drain pipes.

Their life span is up to two years. During this period of time they place 15 to 90 ovaries of 8mm length and 5mm width, in dark and humid places. Each of the ovaries contains 14 to 16 eggs which hatch within 30 to 50 days. If the conditions are favorable then in about 160 days all the stages of their development are completed which vary from 9 to 13. They can live up to 2 to 3 months without food and for a month without water. It is an omnivorous species, they usually prefer decomposed food and it is usually attracted by food containing sweeteners such as sugar, honey etc.

The ways of dealing with this species are:

  • Proper way of storing our food
  • Removing any rubbish from the kitchen and bathroom.
  • Residuary spraying mainly in drains and wells drastically reduces the numbers of population of this insect and it minimizes the possibility of them entering the house
  • Elimination of any kind of water leakage etc
  • Limiting humidity by constantly enabling fresh air to enter the house
  • Fixing building imperfections like wall cracks
  • Watertight closure of drains
  • Strict and constant check of food supplies
  • Strict cleaning measures inside and outside buildings
  • Placement of wire grid with opening points in order to avoid possible invasions from windows or doors

Our company can guarantee the use of proper ways of dealing with the species by using quality pharmaceutical products and methods used worldwide, depending on the extend of the problem in each case, either inside or outside building facilities.

Published: 20.07.2019