Effective & Sustainable
Pest Control Solutions.

Superior Pest Control Services For Homes & Businesses all over Cyprus.


We Specialise in:

Covering your needs all over Cyprus

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Effective & Sustainable
Pest Control Solutions.

Superior Pest Control Services For Homes & Businesses all over Cyprus.


We Specialise in:

Covering your needs all over Cyprus

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Welcome to On Target Pest Control

Locally owned company, our team of Cyprus pest control experts protect homes, warehouses, restaurants, supermarkets and other commercial facilities with various pest control problems. We serve all of Cyprus. No matter how tough your pest problem is, you can rely on us to provide a customized pest control solution, like our RatMat Electrified Rat Repellent For Cars!


We constantly evaluate, analyse and improve upon the quality of our work to increase the effciency and effectiveness of our service.

Our Aim

Pest control issues occur throughout the world. We wish to help the local population with the challenges they face with pests.

Highly Trained Personnel

We thoroughly vet our staff to ensure they will provide you with the best pest control and extermination services possible.

Our Services

We carry out effective and sustainable pest control solutions in both residential and commercial properties in Cyprus.


The world’s most despicable and feared insect is also one that is very common in Cyprus.

Rodent Control – Deratization

Rodents are infamous for their role as major disease carriers, implicated in the spread of over 40 diseases.

COVID-19 Decontamination

We make use of techniques approved by the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure that your property is properly disinfected.

Termite Control

Once detected, termites must immediately be dealt with as they can cause significant damage to property.


Silverfish can be a very serious problem in Cyprus, especially if they manage to enter your wardbrode.


Ants are not only some of the most irritating pests in Cyprus, but also some of the longest living ones.

Dust Mites and Bed Bugs

Even though dust mites and bed bugs are so small that detecting them is a difficult task, they can still negatively impact your health.

Disinfection – Deep Cleaning

Disinfection is the first and most vital step in pest control. Through a thorough, deep clean session, we eliminate all micro-organisms.

For a safer and cleaner household for you and your loved ones

Our Process


The crew manager will ask the potential client some questions in order to have a complete idea regarding the problem he is facing. Later, a valuation check takes place, a report stating the problems is made and other data is considered regarding potential future problems in the area.


After the evaluation procedure of the area both indoors and outdoors, the manager of the crew will be able to diagnose the exact problem or problems that exist in the area, the sort of the invader or the number of invaders and the exact way they managed to enter your area.


After diagnosing the problem, the manager of the crew will advise or suggest the proper measures that the client must consider and take in order to solve the problem effectively.

Dealing with the problem

In the final stage of the whole procedure, the manager and the professional crew of pest control take all the necessary measures and methods in order to deal with the problem effectively.

Evaluation of results

Managing harmful organisms successfully should be monitored after the completion of treatment application. This is strategies in order to control the existence of harmful organisms.

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